“The Televator” – May 2022

The Project: Change out the TV mount on the Televator to an extendable arm model so the TV can be viewed from all seating areas.

The Product:

The Process:

  1. Raise Televator fully up so TV is exposed
  2. Unhook any power, cable or HDMI cords from the wall
  3. Remove TV From Televator Mount by unbolting 4 screws (make sure someone is securely holding the TV)
  4. Once 4 bolts are out, remove the TV and bring it to a safe place
  5. Install the new Mounting Plate to the back of the TV
  6. Install the Mounting arm to the Televator bracket. To allow the TB to fit within the cabinet when the Televator retracts, you need to install the top bolts on the 9th hole from the top of the Televator mounting bracket.
  7. Lift TV onto mounting arm and line up the holes in the mounting bracket on the back of the TV with the holes in the mounting arm on the Televator. Secure with 2 bolts.
  8. Plug all of your cords back into the TV.
  9. You’re done! The TV can now be extended out into the living room and swivel to any desired angle. Pro Tip: Make sure the TV arm is fully pushed back in and all cords are out of the way of the bottom of the TV before using the Televator to retract the TV back into the cabinet (we pinched the cable wire the first time and had to order a new connector).

Our Thoughts:

  • Overall this is an easy project and it makes a huge difference! Before; half of the back couch had a partially blocked view of the TV (see last picture), now we can see it from any angle.
  • This TV mount from USX-Mount was a great price and does exactly what we need it to do. The mount is lightweight and the installation was easy. We’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking to do this project.


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