Favorite Products

Fifth Wheel “Necessities”

“The Hitch”

The first purchase you’ll make once you’ve picked out your fifth wheel is your hitch. We have a short bed RAM3500 and chose the B&W Companion slider hitch that fits into the RAM puck system. We love the high quality and ease of installation. There are a lot of great options out there, but we’re very happy with our choice. Check it out here! ⬇️

“The Water Filter”

We’ve always used this water filter & we see them everywhere we camp. It screws right onto your freshwater hose & gives you peace of mind you’re getting clean water into your unit, no matter where you are!

“The Water Regulator”

We’ve always had the basic water regulator without a gauge but in the last couple of months, started to feel like we were getting lower water pressure in the camper. We ha no idea if it was the regulator or a clogged filter, so we changed out our filter & purchased this regulator with a gauge. It’s even adjustable! Our last trip we were quickly able to check the pressure going into the camper with this new regulator, which gave us peace of mind and is worth the purchase.

“The Stink Eliminator😆”

We’ve always used the little blue packets for our tank treatment and they’ve done “fine”. On one of the Facebook pages we follow, people strongly advocate for this stuff. We’d started having some sensor issues, even with flushing our tanks like crazy so we decided to try this product to see if it does any better breaking down waste on our tanks. Not sure if it was a coincidence or not, but our sensor accuracy greatly improved after using this. While we can’t vouch 100% for it being a miracle worker yet, I wanted to share the product with you in case you want to read up on it and see if it’s a good option for you.

“The Sewer Hose”

This clear elbow is disgustingly amazing 😂! We’d previously had a black connection elbow on our last hose. We were going to be at our first full-hookup site earlier this year and took a poll on instagram for her her our existing 15’ hose should be long enough. Some indicated they’d needed to go further than that on the rare occasion, so we decided to get this 20’ hose. It came with the clear elbow connection and that has been an awesome way to make sure we’ve truly emptied the tank each time we dump. I highly recommend this product or at least getting the clear elbow!

“The Sewer Hose Support”

Another key item to have while camping with full hookups. Not much to say except 💩runs downhill if you know what I mean! These help keep things flowing when dumping the black tank at the site. It also keeps your hose from getting dirt and everything else all over it each time. Easy to setup and use, definitely a great & popular product.


“Entryway Mat”

Our old brown entryway mat had seen better days, so it was time to upgrade. This one looks cute & is very functional! Win-win for us 👍

“Throw Pillows”

This pillow cover was a Mother’s Day gift and I’ve had a lot of people comment on it and ask where we found it! We purchased 2, they’re super cute and go perfectly with our farmhouse decor. Just don’t forget to purchase a pair of 18”x18” pillows to go with them.

“The Blanket”

This blanket was another Mother’s Day gift and it’s my favorite. This is the softest one I own, and I’m a bit obsessed with throw blankets☺️. Our girls argue over which one gets to sleep with it on each trip! Definitely worth the purchase.

“Kids Step Stool”

This is one of our favorites for the camper. It folds up so easily and we transport it in the base of our shower. It’s also sturdy enough that neither one of our kiddos have fallen off of it yet! We keep this exclusively in our camper and it’s a favorite purchase of ours.

“The Paper Towel Holder”

This isn’t exciting by any means, but man is it functional. We keep it on our counter while traveling and it has yet to fall over. It has an arm on it that holds the paper towels in place, so when we bring it outside we don’t deal with unraveling paper towels in the wind. Nothing fancy about it, but perfect for RV life.

Coffee Setup

“The Morning Magic”

This Keurig was another Mother’s Day gift, and I love it. It is so cute & stylish, plus perfect size for storing in the camper. We hate using K-Cups, but love being able to brew our own individual favorite coffee & not having to share a pot. We use the reusable cups below, and the result is awesome. So much better tasting than the K-Cups & better for the environment. We use the filters linked below as well to keep the oils out, but I’ve done it without and the flavor is even better. I’ve also linked the grinder we use, although we typically grind our beans at home and bring the ground coffee with us on trips. The grinder is great though, so I definitely wanted to share! Let us know if you use a similar process! We haven’t used K-Cups in over 2 years since discovering these, and we definitely won’t go back.

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